Your perfect SurfBordh awaits

We take great pride and care with our custom surfboard orders. 

We only use the highest quality materials for every board, we believe that quality = sustainability. So we build our boards to last and be handed down through generations. Our eps cores don’t degrade or yellow with UV light and also don’t take on water when the skin is damaged. Super easy to repair when damaged (with epoxy) and the 1.5mm structural wooden veneers on the deck allow for some really heavy footed surfing without the compression damage, while still being a super flexy, super responsive and fun board.

Our leash plugs are handmade by us with Cornish applewood and a brass pin, which ages beautifully, with out becoming weak (for a long time).

We take great pride and care with our custom surfboard orders. 

It normally takes about a month from when the deposit is paid, for you to receive the board. 

We will work with you and make sure you get the right size and shape for your ability and style of surfing.

Any size is available from little grom boards to giant SUPs.

You can add artwork and choose the colour of your rails (sky is pretty much the limit with these options).

With a £300 deposit to secure the time in the workshop we will work together from there and start to design and build your perfect board.

We think we have found the perfect combination of performance, style, practicality and longevity.

All our boards are handmade in our 100% wind powered workshop in North Cornwall. 

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