The Dawn of Predn

We believe that quality = sustainability. Our boards and products are built to last and perform throughout their/your life.

We use only the most eco friendly materials available to us and are constantly researching and developing new ways to make things last longer, perform better and have a smaller impact on the environment.

Our workshop uses 100% green energy from the onsite wind turbine. The construction methods we use create very little waste and nothing nasty or harmful ever goes into our beautiful environment.

We believe that it is all of our responsibilities to look after this gift of a planet we live on and support each other in doing so.

Meet Pete – director

Pete started the company in 2017 kind of by accident. He had some spare time and some space (some friends of his’ garage) and had always wanted to make himself a wooden surfboard. So just went for it with some ply, pencils and hand tools. That summer ended up making 8 boards and working like a mad scientist non stop.

Whilst looking at the surfing industry as a whole he noticed that it wasn’t the most eco friendly industry in the world. Which is a shame, as it teaches becoming closer to nature.

Quickly then becoming obsessed with improving on the techniques and materials used in surfboard manufacture and bringing you the exciting and brand new products we see today. Paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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